Coming soon to an upstream near you

Just to tease 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 10.08.11 AM

I use the new upcoming Momentics IDE for my everyday work with all Eclipse projects I’m working on. Our new updated toolbar supports it all. Pick your launch mode, launch configuration, and target you want to run on, click Build, Launch, Stop. Boom!

Nothing like a little dog food to make a user experience you love to use. We’re still tweaking this as we run into workflows that we hate.

And, yes, we intend to contribute this upstream to Eclipse somewhere. I’ll be showing and discussing this at the CDT Summit and to anyone at EclipseCon who wants to see it in action.

2 thoughts on “Coming soon to an upstream near you

  1. Thomas

    Doug .. nice screenshot, long overdue functionality that users have asked for from day 1 of Momentics.

    Now the big tease is … you’re running on MacOS but the QNX 6.6 release doesn’t include MacOS support, only Linux and Windows!? Why do I have to get the BB tools to get Momentics for Mac?


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