CDT 4.0 RC0 Now Available

It’s been a crazy week or so as we worked feverishly to get our RC0 build together. This build marks our feature completion date where all new features have been implemented. We did this a bit earlier than the Platform (which is the end of this week, we actually locked down at the end of last week) to allow us more time for testing and bug fixing.

This is by far the biggest CDT release we’ve done since the first one as far as the number of new features go which, of course, introduced a lot of risk as far as introducing bugs as well. We also need to be careful about backwards compatibility too so that users can use their old workspaces with the new CDT. The best way to help us out right now is to download the RC0 build and give it a try and raise bugs on any problems you find. Visit the CDT web page to find out how.

I’ve signed up to do a webinar mid July to show off the new CDT. It’ll probably take that long to learn it all, too…