First Day At EclipseCon

Well, I made it in at around 1 p.m. on Monday to EclipseCon. After getting set up with my hotel room and finding out where the bar was, I’ve managed to run into and talk with a lot of the CDT community that are gathered here. It’s going to be a great week of getting the good word out about the CDT and it’s ever growing momentum.

The highlight of the day was the Community Awards ceremony (not the game show 🙂 where Alain Magloire from QNX won the Top Committer award for his work on the CDT. Aside from the sheer volume of code he has submitted to the CDT, Alain has always been very helpful with people out in the community. He certainly helped our team back at Rational when we were starting out writing the parser and integrating it with the CModel. We owe a lot to Alain’s committment to building a great CDT and it was great to see him rewarded for it.

More from the show as the week goes…