Planet Eclipse Ego?

I was trying to point a buddy of mine (who actually should know better, but anyway) to Planet Eclipse. He replied, it takes me here: I laughed long and hard.

So is it true? Is there a Planet Eclipse Ego? I’m probably guilty on that a bit. I find myself yearning to post to see my name up on the Planet, instead of just waiting to write something people would actually care about. But almost all the other posts are very informative and I don’t see much evidence of any sort of “ego”. Not much anyway ;).

BTW, Pat posted a comment on my last blog about being interested to pay a couple of bucks for the CDT if he could get it off an App Store. Maybe that’s the answer on how to get more funding for Eclipse development. And it plays inadvertently into Bjorn’s suggestion to stop doing builds at Eclipse. If you want Eclipse for free, check it out and build it yourself, just like with most other open source packages. If you want someone to do that for you, belly up to the App Store and get yours for cheap. Hmm…