Mike Milinkovich recommended I get my own blog and start jotting down my thoughts. A brilliant man he is so I decided to finally follow up on it.

I’ve been the project lead for the CDT for a couple of months now but have really been heavily involved in the CDT since it was started at Eclipse, at least the QNX version, back in the summer of 2002. Back then I worked for Rational and we were looking for an Eclipse-based solution to support our C++ modeling products for markets that weren’t using Visual Studio, of which of course there are many. Our needs were C++ parsing and code models for our translation frameworks. I’ve always been interested in programming languages and parsing so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity when it floated by me in the hall one day and am very glad I did.

I’ve dedicated this segment of my career to the CDT, enough so that I made the move to QNX to allow me to continue my work on it and to do what ever I can to ensure it’s success as an industry leading C/C++ IDE. We’re getting close and I can see the point now where we will have what it takes get there and that drives me even more.

I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts here on the state of the industry, my passion for Eclipse and the community and ecosystem that drives it, and maybe some of the vision that I have on where the tools industry can go to help ensure the success of the software developers everywhere.

We’ve talked so much in the past about the crisis we have faced in software development as projects failed more often than they were successful. I think that tide has turned as the tools and frameworks that developers have at their fingertips today have allowed them to make smarter decisions and to react in a crisus fast enought to recover. I embrace the time when we have to try and think back to remember what all the fuss was about.

Stay tuned for more…