I noticed the AspectJ guys posted their numbers, so I thought I’d go out and get the CDT’s. For December we had 66,000 downloads. I think that’s a healthy number, and enough for Webmaster to ask that we tell them when we are going to do our next release so that they can plan for the extra bandwidth that would be required.

Another interesting data point is the platforms that get downloaded. We are consistently showing the same numbers:

  • 64% Windows
  • 30% Linux x86
  • 3% Mac OS X
  • 2% Linux x86_64
  • 1% Solaris sparc
  • less than 1% other

I find this most interesting since we really only support GNU on Windows so these people must be students or hobbyist, or my assumption is wrong and that you actually can do commercial development using MinGW or cygwin. I’d be interested in hearing what CDT users are building on Windows.