What a whirlwind day today at EclipseCon. It started with my presentation on the CDT. I gave an overview of the CDT and talked about how I set up the CDT to work with Firefox source code. I don’t really work on Firefox but its a great test for scalability for the CDT. It was well attended and I had some great questions as well. As usual, they focused a lot on the indexer and I had a lot of great suggestions on how people want to reuse prebuilt indexes and to share such indexes with other members of a team. All great ideas that we will hopefully get to in upcoming releases.

We then had two really good presentations from the guys working on the Device Software project and it looks like they are working on some really cool stuff to help bring together a lot of the tools that hardcore embedded developers use and are creating a community around it that embedded tool vendors can all work together and reap the benefits of the collaboration.

One of the short talks (which are really short BTW) someone from Nokia presented how they created managed build and debugger integrations with Scratchbox which makes it easy to use cross compilers for embedded targets. They have contributed their work to the Laika project. One complaint they had was about the lack of documentation on the debugger integration. I’ll have to ask them if they’d like to contribute their experience :).

I’ve met a lot of people down here and everyone is excited about the CDT. We have some pretty cool things we are starting to look at for CDT 4.0 for next year that will fulfill a lot of the vision we’ve had. More on that as we talk more about it at the Friday contributors conference.

As part of that I also got some good news about more people coming to work on the CDT. I’ll let their presence become known on the cdt-dev list as they wish. From the numbers, the CDT is on a big upswing in popularity and as the community grows, we will all benefit from eachother’s great work, which is what this open source business is all about.

One of the presenters just hit me with a T-shirt. I better listen know…