I was sitting with Chris R from TI in the target management talk and Martin O from Wind River was talking about RTOSes and target management. Chris leaned over to me and said “OSes are for wussies”. We both laughed. Certain in TI’s case with DSPs, they have no need for RTOSes since their customers are generally writing tight control loops that run forever.

I have always though TI’s use of the CDT as one of the coolest applications of the CDT. And Chris is never shy to bring us crazy OS people back to earth and back to the the iron that drives all software applications and where this industry really all began.

You look at the presentations this week at EclipseCon, you can really see the breadth of problem domain that people are using Eclipse for. You’ve got everything from critical deisel injection systems to services oriented architecture for web applications to application lifecycle management to management systems for NASA missions.

Sitting in meetings with my fellow Eclipsers and you don’t get the feel of the significance of this all. But move out to the 10,000 foot view and you can easily get overwelmed at how prolific Eclipse is becoming in the software development industry. I am certainly proud to be able to put my little part into it and to be a part of this great community.