Ian pointed this out in a comment in my last entry but I though I’d bring this out in a new entry.

Matt Ryan from Novell, who I met down at EclipseCon and has done some work with CDT and SUSE Linux, has put together a number of tutorials on using the CDT on Linux. I went through the using CDT with autotools one, mainly because I wanted to know myself. I found the tutorials very thorough, easy to follow, and just plain good looking. That and I learned alot about autotools.

Feel free to head over to the Linux University for Developers hosted at Novell. Matt also invites anyone who wants to create their own tutorials and send them in and he’ll add them (instructions at the bottom of the page).

I’ll also give a plug to the Wink application created by Satish Kumar from DebugMode which is a cool free screencast creation utility that Matt and others have used to create demos and tutorials. Now everyone can create good looking tutorials!