I’ve been following the Apple announcement around their Boot Camp with a bit of intrigue. It wasn’t too long ago I had a Mac G5 on my desk running both Mac OS X and Yellow Dog Linux and it was mighty cool. Unfortunately with the other priorities I had, I didn’t get to do too far with the setup. That and my previous employer wouldn’t let me take it with me when I left :).

Now, when I look at the top three platforms in my CDT downloads stats, I find Windows (68%), Linux x86 (26%) and Mac OS X (3%), that’s 97% of my platforms. Now if I could run all three of those operating systems on a single machine, wouldn’t that make my life easier? I think so. And maybe a lot of Eclipse developers may think so as well. That and the Mac hardware seems to be pretty well designed and something I’d be really happy with.

I think Apple has made a good move in providing the ability to load Windows on their hardware. They can go one step further and allow Linux to be loaded in as well. Then, you might see a lot of the Apple hardware on people’s laps when the next EclipseCon rolls around. Now if I can convince my new boss to sign a PO for one ;).