One of the benefits of being located in Ottawa is that I get to rub shoulders with the who’s who of Eclipse at interesting times. One of those times happened again yesterday as the button for releasing Callisto was pushed. Now, it wasn’t really a button and it took about a half an hour from the time Denis started when the mirrors were ready until all the web sites were updated and we could download Callisto. But it was a moment.

It was particularly underwelming for the newspaper guy who was there, but I did get a chance to interview with him and hopefully sent him off with something interesting to write other than a bunch of computer geeks hitting refresh until we could see the magic “3.2” appear. But such is our life.

I came away very impressed with the work that Denis and his team do. Sometimes we forget how complex an operation that a site such as is. But it takes a team of dedicated professionals to pull it of and my hats off to Denis, Matt, and Nathan for pulling off one of the most challenging releases you’ll see in this industry. And it was pretty cool to be in the nerve center as it was happening. Not to mention, they were all using Eclipse to managed the site which was also cool.