Everytime I look at the net these last few days, something pretty cool pops up. This time was an announcement from Trolltech, the Qt people, about a new product they plan on releasing in September called Greenphone. This is a GSM/GPRS phone built on an embedded Linux kernel with Trolltech’s embedded version of Qt called Qtopia. It is really only sold as a development platform and comes with the necessary SDK.

Now, I think this is a bit different than the open source gaming device I talked about earlier. I don’t think Trolltech wants to get into the phone business. In some ways, I think they are just curious about the kind of applications people will build for such a device. And, of course, in the end their goal is to sell more Qtopia licenses to commercial developers.

But I’ve always wondered what kind of applications make sense on such a small platform. Web browsing when the screen is only 240 pixels wide makes even less sence than browsing the web on a TV. I’ll be watching along with Trolltech to see what people will come up with. And, as always, it’ll be interesting to see how many people use the CDT to develop for this platform.