Well we got off to a great start at the Summit today. The day went by real fast and we were all pretty burned out by the end of it so it must have been good :). One highlight for me was when I asked for hands on who was a committer. I got the 7 or so I was expecting. I then asked who had contributed patches. To my happy surprise, I got over 20. That explains why we have so many patches outstanding in bugzilla for the CDT. It is certainly one sign the CDT contributor community is healthy, but its also a sign that we have a lot of work ahead to keep up and to start nominating more committers.

We spend the day introducing eachother and then dug deep into the CDT DOM. I have to admit that one was really dry, and I was the one giving it. We then got an update from the Intel team on what they’d like to do with the build information in the new project wizard and the project properties. Looks like a big change that should hopefully smooth out some workflow issues that we have there. Another big day tomorrow as we review some of the new source navigation and indexing features and dig into debug.

Another thing I’m trying is Skypecast to broadcast the proceedings. You can check it out by following the link. It is definitely a technology preview and we had a hard time getting remote people hooked up to the sound system we have running without horrible echo and feedback. But the broadcast out sounds O.K. (as long as I mute the mic on my laptop, sorry Norbert!) I’m sure it would work better if everyone was working through headsets, instead of trying what we’re doing with capturing the audio through a sound board. But it is an interesting way of communicating when working on open source projects.