I’m having a great time here at Eclipse Summit Europe. It’s the first time I’ve been in Europe and it’s a pretty darn cool place to be. Watching TV and walking around the area has made me really want to learn German, which is my heritage anyway. And the architecture in this area of Esslingen is unbelievably amazing throwback to early Germany. Someone mentioned that it’s like something Disney would build.

Jet lag had kicked in hard just before my talk on the CDT DOM so I’ll apologize to everyone who was there if it seemed disorganized. I was glad to be able to get the message out on how we are doing with the CDT and the cool things we are working on. The biggest feedback was the interest in the C#DT support I want to build on the CDT. I’m just trying to prove out CDT’s multi-language capability but people are intrigued by the undertones of it all.

I also met a few people who were users of the CDT. Everyone gave me positive feedback on the performance improvements with the indexer. One group had even added a few UI features to make their lives easier and I encouraged them to contribute them back to the community, which the appeared happy to do. This is a general message I should remind everyone. If you have made little improvements to the CDT, feel free to contribute them. We’re certainly interested in spending time looking at patches especially as it improves the user experience for all.

Given the liveliness of the discussions in the foyer where we had lunches and get togethers, I’d say Eclipse is live and well in Europe. Certainly looking at the list of people who attended the CDT summit, Europe is an important place that we need to focus on more and ensure the community can easily span the oceans, and time zones…