I got a new laptop last week after mentioning to my boss that I need to see what those Intel guys are up to with the multi-core support they are adding to the CDT. They already have parallel build for the managed build’s internal builder and were discussing parallizing the CDT indexers. (Not to mention I always like to have the latest gadgets, shhh). And my boss obliged.

I was a bit concerned with getting the new laptop since our new standard is for a 15″ 1680×1050 wide screen. I don’t have the best eyes in the world and the fonts looked pretty small on it. But, hey, it would be cool for watching wide screen movies at home. And after setting things up, I got the fonts looking good enough.

But after setting up my Outlook to pane things vertically and firing up Eclipse on it , I can’t believe we haven’t been using this format before. What a difference! With Eclipse, I’m always dragging the splitters left or right to reveal the outline view or the navigator views or ^M’ing and sending the Editor full screen so I can see long lines of code. Not any more. I used to use my external 19″ LCD for most of my Eclipse work, but now I’m finding enjoying working in either (the 19″ is at eye height and has bigger pixels so I can see them better, though).

So my favorite tool of the week is now wide screen LCD monitors! Although qemu is still right up there, and they are now working on adding OpenGL support, more on that when I find out more…

Oh, and, BTW, Blogger has a new editor for creating blog entries. I love what it just did for spell checking.