In my previous entry, I yearned for a single install of Eclipse, CDT, MinGW, and some libraries to get you “Kickstart”ed using the CDT on Windows. As Chris, zx, quickly pointed out, EasyEclipse already has some of this done and hooked me up with Phillipe Ombrédanne from nexB who created EasyEclipse. Of course I already know Phillipe who led the Google Summer of Code project for Eclipse and who is scheduled to give a talk on the C/C++ Eclipse ecosystem (amonst many others I see) at this year’s EclipseCon.

EasyEclipse for C and C++ is definitely a great start at what I wanted to acheive. And I see from the comments on the site, there are people already asking for MinGW to be included.

So I’ve altered may plan and will work with the gang at EasyEclipse to complete EasyEclipse as a full fledged IDE offering. They already have a thriving community so it will be cool to build on that and get more C/C++ users involved.