If you saw Ken Ryall’s photo, here’s from the other side of the room:

We had an overflow crowd for the CDT 4.0 demo. It’s pretty cool how much interest we seem to get in what we’re doing. The feedback was great and I think everyone was impressed with the work the team is doing. I’m totally excited about it and I hope that showed.
I also participated in Robert Day’s panel on Eclipse in Embedded. Embedded continues to be one of the main growth areas with Eclipse and I think we concluded that we’re just scratching the surface. We really need to raise the profile of Eclipse in this market. The engineers see the value of Eclipse as a platform for embedded tooling and it’s unfortunate that isn’t common knowledge. We have our work cut out for us, but it would be great to get a huge contingent of embedded tools developers interested in attending EclipseCon next year and to get a bigger voice in Embedded marketing events like ESC.
I’m also very tired. I don’t think I’ll stay in the bar until 2 a.m. this night…