My phone is in my room charging so I didn’t get any pictures this morning. But it was cool to sit through the two CDT focused long talks and see the interest. We had over 50 people in each and a lot of attentive faces.

The first talk was by Phillipe Ombredanne from nexB and one of the leaders of the EasyEclipse open source Eclipse distribution. He presented a huge collection of plugins that extend the CDT in various useful ways. I was surprised at how many they were and thanked him for all the hard work he did to find them all and try them out. I am looking forward to working with him on EasyEclipse to build up an open source Ecilpse C/C++ distro that will be hugely useful for new users.

The second talk was by Chris Recoskie and Beth Tibbitts from IBM on how to use the CDT’s parser data structures and the index to build static analysis utilities. This is a topic close to my hear since this is the area that got me into the CDT and where I’ve spent most of my development effort. But it is a pretty dry topic and I was very please to see people following closely what they were saying and we even had a couple of really good questions on the details of the DOM at the end. Maybe we’ll see some cool features that can help users of the CDT write better code faster with the help of all the parser work we’ve done over the years.