Chris Recoskie and I had a couple of free hours on Thursday last week at EclipseCon and decided to accept a request to go visit to Google campus. One of their developers is a fan of the CDT and has produced some of our best bug reports on the indexer, so I felt it would be a great opportunity to learn more about what they were doing with the CDT.

It was a great visit and we all wished it could have been longer. It turns out that a few of them are using the CDT to work on some of their Linux C++ server applications. A lot of my early work on the CDT was meant to support this area, but I hadn’t actually met anyone who was doing C++ server apps. So it was great to know that there is still a need there and an area where we need to keep in focus.

After our meeting, we went to their famous cafeteria for lunch. It was very cool. They had everything from hamburgers and hot dogs to gourmet pizzas and ethnic food. And, of course, it was free. The only problem we had was finding a place to sit since Google is really growing these days.

They are doing some cool stuff at Google and I am really honored that they are using the CDT there. It’ll be a great story for both sides if we can solve any issues they have so that the CDT can be the IDE of choice for C++ server apps there.