I got to the room early where I’m giving my presentation on the CDT for Embedded. It’s going to be a busy day again so I’ll just quickly talk about yesterday. One of the cool things I’ve found out about this area of San Jose is that there is free wireless everywhere as long as you don’t mind a banner on top of every page. And it’s a bit slow, but it’s letting me do this, so I don’t mind.

I had a couple of great conversations yesterday that will hopefully lead to CDT contributions. I’m still pleasantly surprised at all the people who drop by the booth who already use Eclipse or who know that they really need to be using it. That gives me a great feeling that the grassroots around Eclipse for embedded is already taking off. And I guess, when you look at the other choices, it probably should be of no surprise.

I also did a walk about yesterday trying to find booths that had Eclipse running. There were the regulars which had it front and center. And there were a few surprises. Ian found a few. And I was found a couple of more, including a surprise at the MIPS booth. This is happening to me quite often in the last year or so and it is really cool to see. It would be nice if these guys felt comfortable enough to let us know when they are using Eclipse. It is open source so they don’t have to. But part of my job is to promote the CDT to get as many contributions as I can and I’d really like to show the momentum of the CDT in the industry. Which is pretty clear from my experience here at ESC, this it is growing quite well in the embedded space.