As I’ve mentioned a few times on this blog and elsewhere, we often get requests for a simpler way to get new users up and running on their Windows machines. This is especially true for students and hobbyist who have a need to learn and play with C++ and don’t want to dive into Linux. As well, we get numerous bug reports from people who are trying to go through all the manual steps to set this all up and miss something.

Well, I am pleased to announce “CDT for Windows”. This is a distribution of the Eclipse Platform and the CDT with the MinGW GNU tool chain for Windows and a Java Runtime wrapped up in a simple Windows installer. With a few clicks you’ll be up and running debugging a C++ application.

The distribution is on SourceForge at It’s currently at version 0.9.1 and contains the Europa Platform and CDT 4. My objective is to get it at a 1.0 level by the end of September with CDT 4.0.1. I have also included the SDL portable multi-media library. My hope is to get the wxWidgets portable application library into it as well.

As with the CDT, I really want to build a community around “CDT for Windows”, mainly since I’m doing most of the work in my spare time (I’ve got a lot of work to do at QNX and the CDT too, you know 🙂 and need to share the work, which really hasn’t been too much so far. I’ve only done light testing so feel free to give it a spin, raise any issues you may find in the SourceForge tracker.

I think it looks pretty slick for something that only took me a couple of days to put together. I hope you find it useful as well.