Well, I’ve been in this business long enough to realize that naming a product is tricky business. I had fears that calling the distribution of the CDT, tools and libraries for Windows, “CDT for Windows”, that I’d get a letter from Microsoft one day telling me not to use the word Windows. Well, what I got first was a letter from Eclipse about the word CDT. As per Eclipse’s new Trademark Usage Guidelines, CDT is a trademark of the Eclipse Foundation, and using it in the product name “CDT for Windows” is a violation. (Even though it is open source, you can still consider it a product, I guess).

Now no one get upset. I have a great relationship with the Foundation staff, and I can clearly see the need to protect the CDT brand. It wouldn’t take much to clone the CDT and make some tweaks and still call it MyCDT (which has been done, BTW), and if not done well, could do harm to the work we’ve done at building up that brand. So while, I’m disappointed about the prospect of losing the most natural name for the CDT for Windows distribution (which took me about 5 minutes to come up with), I will comply.

The name change also triggers something else that has crossed my mind as I received feedback and looked at the state of the CDT. We are sorely lacking in contributions from the desktop developer space. Despite this, there is a huge contingent of CDT users that are using it for that purpose. And as the need for cross platform development tools grows with the growth of Mac and desktop Linux, we really need to start addressing that shortfall.

So to help with both problems, I would like to shift the focus of the CDT for Windows distribution, more towards CDT for Desktop Development and open the door to building a complete IDE that targets all desktop operating systems. If I can grow a community around that, and maybe even attract commercial interest, then hopefully we can close the loop and build momentum into that potentially lucrative space.

But first, I need a name for such a project that keeps all the lawyers happy…

BTW, at the moment, I’m visiting my birth place of Regina, Saskatchewan in the heart of the Canadian prairies. I didn’t realize how beautiful a place it can be, at least in the summer :). If you ever get a chance, it’s an interesting place to visit.