So I’m stealing away a couple of hours here and there on my second set of holidays to work on Wascana. One of the things I’ve done is created a logo. You can see it on the home page. It’s pretty simple, an orange moon to represent a lunar eclipse, and a blue ‘W’ for Wascana. I made it using Paint.Net, a photo editor written in C# (for some reason…). But it was pretty handy since it supported layers and let me draw simple shapes like the circle and text.

The next phase of the exercise was to then use the logo to create images for the icons and bitmaps in Eclipse. I wasn’t too happy with how Paint.Net scaled the images and I wanted more control over the properties of the circle and text. I tried a number of different programs, an old version of Paint Shop Pro (when it was still owned Jasc) and GIMP for Windows. Neither did what I wanted.

But that got me thinking. Why isn’t there a plug-in for Eclipse which does this. I am making bitmaps for my .product file. Eclipse is for everything and nothing in particular, why not image editing? (And this plays into one of my dreams for Eclipse – and why not take to the next level and do 3D model editing too, both needed for game development – but I digress.) Does anyone know of any activity in that area?