There’s a good article on the Every Flavour Beans blog about Wascana. It gives a pretty accurate overview of what I’m trying to achieve and some pretty good suggestions. This is then followed by some screenshots showing what Wascana is all about. I definitely appreciate the exposure and the suggestions.

One of the suggestions which I’m running with is to refocus Wascana back on Windows development. I haven’t received much positive feedback on my plan to provide the same environment for Linux and Mac. And I need to honestly evaluate what I can do with the limited time I have available to spend on it. Windows has the most need from both the CDT’s perspective and users who want to use the CDT there.

The Linux distros have been doing a great job of including the CDT and necessary library development packages that I don’t think we need extra help for that, other than to test it out and make sure these packages work. And I would really need to spend time on a Mac to understand what’s needed there, but that isn’t going to happen any time soon. We can always revisit these platforms if people step up and want to help get Wascana working there.

This should also give me a chance to get deeper into the MinGW toolchain. It’s screaming for a 4.x gcc and a debugger that can understand both Windows and GCC world. I’m not sure how I can help there yet but I should spend some time figuring that out. But given the feedback that I’m getting on Wascana, we are heading down the right path with it.