Just a hint. If you are a key player in a project promoting open source tools for native Windows, stop calling them Microsnot and stop calling the API Woe32. You’re really just hurting your project’s credibility especially when the tools are in such need of some.

Anyways. Just a knee jerk reaction to watching one of the “real” open source project mailing lists. I hear about the rawness that people on these lists can show but to experience it first hand, really makes me wonder what they are trying to prove. Yeah they are hard core techies and for a lot of these projects that’s what’s needed to be as good as they are. Maybe I’ve been in the corporate world too long, but it really turns me off. Especially when I’m worried whether the project will survive and am thinking of helping out. It’s certainly something that’s not acceptable on the Eclipse mailing lists I peruse.

As much as people bash Microsoft and as much as I love Linux and other alternative platforms (including QNX Neutrino ;), I can’t join in the bashing. What’s the point? What are you hoping to achieve. Microsoft changed this industry. The vast majority of developers I know are running Windows as their main development platform. That wasn’t true 10 years ago when Solaris (or rather SunOS) and Unix in general ruled the shops I worked at. Give Microsoft the credit their due. We all know open source is a better development model for core technologies. We don’t need to rub their noses in it.

BTW, I’m sitting outside on a nice 21 degree Celsius evening here in the outskirts of Ottawa enjoying the fire on my deck with my favorite beverage in hand listening to a Trance Internet radio station and surfing the net on my laptop via my wireless router after spending a nice evening with my wife and sons. Life can’t better than that for this techno geek who always seeks to take the high road…