I’m here in Ludwigsburg, Germany already a day into my Eclipse Summit Europe experience. I’m glad I’m here. Looking at the CDT contributor community, I’d say we get half of our contributions from developers based in Europe. And given the number of people that have come up and introduced themselves to me, there is a lot of CDT interest here and it should be a busy week for me.

I’m watching Erich Gamma’s talk as I type this. He’s giving a very refreshing look at the history of Eclipse and how we got here. It’s really a tribute to the vision from him and the gang at OTI that an effective development organization could form in the open source community. We’ve had our growing pains, but a number of projects are now thriving in this environment, especially IMHO the CDT.

I have my talk on CDT 4.0 later today and tonight we have a CDT BOF. I look forward to seeing who will be at the BOF and if you’re here, please feel free to stop me and introduce yourself. I’m finding my picture on my blog is making easy for people to spot me 🙂