I hate blogging more than once a day. But as soon as I posted my last one I checked the CDT bug reports to see what was coming in. I ran into this one, 207482, raising the issue that the option to intermix header and source files in the Projects explorer isn’t working. That’s no good since I hate that we separate them now. But I didn’t realize we had put in that option and will have to try it out and see what’s wrong.

But never mind that. What really made my day was the e-mail address of who raised it, whirlpool.com. You know, I suppose that appliances are so advanced these days that they have a processor and a hunk of firmware that runs them. And why not use the CDT to develop that firmware, it’s one of the things we’re really good at. Assuming that’s what this guy is doing (and I don’t think it’s my place to ask since that’s probably proprietary information), Cool!