So I’ve started my new job. For those who haven’t seen yet, I am now working for Wind River as an engineering manager in charge of a small team. From the meetings I’ve already had this morning it’s going to be an interesting challenge and I have a lot of new technology to learn and people to meet.

On the Eclipse side, I will stay on as the CDT project lead. I’ve been very impressed with the team at Wind that is responsible for a lot of the good work that went into CDT 4.0 as well as the DSDP projects. And I’m excited to be able to continue working with them and the rest of the CDT community.

Of course, I am who I am, and none of my philosophies change with this move. I am still devoted to the grassroots of the open source world. You get them excited about your technology with a low barrier to entry, they become great customers in the future. And Wascana continues to play an important role there.

And I see Google Android filling the same role for embedded. It is an exciting platform for mobile devices (and not just cell phones) and I’ve been blown away by the energy of the community that’s growing around it. There are guys who have even figured out how to build native applications with out having any of the header files and compilers available to them.

It’ll be interesting to watch the parallels between Android and Eclipse. They look very similar in philosophy of commercialized open source and the power of community in making a successful platform and that’s something the mobile space really needs to bring it to the next level.