I haven’t posted much here lately. I guess starting a new job that’s to be expected. I’m having a great time, though, and am learning more about install and licensing (the team I’m managing at Wind) than I’ve ever have. And I think there are some opportunities to do some cool things in this critical area that doesn’t get much of the spotlight. And of course, I still have a lot of CDT work I want to do for Ganymede.

At any rate, one thing you will fine me post more about is Google Android. I’ve mentioned in the past my passing interest in game development. I’ve never had the opportunity to do any, but with my teenage sons at that ripe video gaming age, I can’t help but think of the cool software that goes into these games and how much fun my boys have with it.

And being a development tools kind of guy and Eclipse in particular, I can’t help but think that Eclipse would make an awesome environment to build games including everything from modeling characters and building levels to writing the code to make it all happen. That’s my dream for Eclipse anyway.

Now the reason I love Android, is that I think it would make a great mobile gaming platform. And the Android gang must think so to since the SDK already comes with OpenGL ES support for 3D rendering with both a native library and a Java layer. It will be interesting to see what game developers can come up with and how well actual hardware will work. But it’ll be fun to watch. And it would be really cool if they used Eclipse to build it.

In the meantime, I see that a Russian game developer has ported their 2D game to Android already. For a look at the YouTube video and article, check here.