Well, it’s finally over. EclipseCon that is. But I think it also marks a beginning for me. I was able to meet so many people and accomplish so much this week, it was definitely the best EclipseCon for me.

I’m just going to drop a quick note here since I really need to get to sleep to catch the 7 a.m. flight out of SFO to Toronto on my way home to Ottawa. It’s my wife’s birthday and I need to get home in time for at least part of it.

So here are a few quick notes on my experiences here:

  • e4 isn’t so scary. What’s scary is that I appear to have volunteered to drive the flexible resource model in the platform. It’s a huge responsibility but it needs to get done and I look forward to keeping the momentum going to make sure we get the right solution in place for everyone who uses platform resources (which is quite a few people I hear!). And a big thank you to McQ and Szymon from the Platform Core team for helping us get this going.
  • Embedded at EclipseCon is alive and well. I first ran into this at Eclipse Summit Europe where I met a lot of CDT adopters from the embedded space. I thought it was just a European phenomena. Apparently not. I met even more this week here. This is another thing we need to keep the momentum going.
  • We need a grassroots embedded development IDE just like we have with Wascana. From the DSDP BOF there appears to be interest in this. And you can count me in with helping it out. And even more reason to figure out how to ship GPL code from eclipse.org since so much of the common embedded tool chain is GPL.
  • Speaking of Wascana, the Microsoft announcement was very underwhelming. I need help interfacing the CDT to the Windows debug APIs. Microsoft, come help me!
  • Not only did I learn about it, I learned how to spell Mylyn (sorry again Mik!)
  • p2 is the future. Well, it’s actually the present and it’s great to see it coming together quickly. Given my new role at Wind River, expect to see Wind River participating and contributing.
  • I’m getting old. I was in bed before midnight both Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday not so much, but I did feel good when I did. Having said that, I did consume a lot of beer this week, all in the name of community building 🙂

Well, I’ll have more to say later.