I have a monitor on files that get released by the MinGW project and I just got a notice that the alpha release of gcc 4.3 for MinGW has just arrived. This follows quite closely behind a tech preview of gdb 6.8 for MinGW which includes a number of improvements to gdb for native Windows development.

I had almost given up hope that proper GNU toolchain support for native Windows development would arrive, but these recent events and the good work by the contributors of these works has reinvigorated my excitement.

Of course, these new packages will feed into the 1.0 release of Wascana Desktop Developer this summer. I am also working on a p2 based installer for Wascana to help keep users up to date with new releases of the toolchain and libraries. This all gives me hope again that Wascana will become a serious player with the Windows desktop developers. Which will also give our efforts at building a grassroots movement behind the CDT a healthy boost.