I came across the web site for the GCC and GNU toolchain developers summit. It’s being held here in Ottawa and I am wondering if it might be a good idea to go and get more involved with this community. I do fit into the “enthusiast” category with my work on Wascana and my interest in MinGW. We’ll see. I also don’t want to take up space that someone more of an enthusiast would like to take.

At any rate, I came accross this in the FAQ for the event.

Q. What is the legal drinking age in Canada?
A. In Ontario (the provice that Ottawa is in) the legal drinking age is 19. In Quebec (located across the bridge) the legal drinking age is 18.

Well, if that question is frequently asked, either there are a lot of young people coming to this (which is probably true), or it’s going to be a great party. It’s probably both.

In some ways, the Eclipse culture is quite different than the GNU culture. I think it comes to the fact that Eclipse is much more commercial. But in other ways it’s very similar. When you get together at a community event, outside of our suits, the atmosphere is so energetic and positive, you can’t help but have a good time.