Linux powers “cloud” gaming console.

More info here.

I hate the term cloud, but this is close to the internet appliance/open gaming console I have been thinking about. Specs are damn close too. Although I’m not sure the ATI HD 3200 class graphics (I assume it’s the 780G chipset) will do a good job at the games. But it’s good to see someone with money came up with a similar idea and has made this concept a reality, or at least is marketing it.


Looking closer to the EVO website, this thing isn’t as open as I was thinking. Game developers have to sign and NDA to get the SDK. Odd. They do mention proprietary features that are only in their version of the Linux. What I had more in mind was an open distro that ran on specific hardware specs, but was truly open. Looking at the games they have listed on their web site, they are all open as well that can run on any Linux distro that has OpenGL support and drivers. You don’t need to be proprietary…