Just check here: http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/qemu-devel/2008-11/threads.html

I was looking to see when qemu, a very cool virtual machine for many hosts and many target CPU architectures, was going to come out with a new release. As part of that, I was checking to see if it was under active development. Well, with 55 e-mails on November 13’th when I looked, I guess it is :).

I did find a conversation back in October about 0.9.2 which will likely include some new technology called TCG that will eliminate qemu’s dependency on the gcc 3.x compiler. That’s good news since I want to release Wascana 1.0 with the gcc 4.x compiler and I want to use Wascana 1.0 as the base IDE for my EcilpseCon tutorial on working with cross-development environments. I hope it all comes together by March.

Speaking of which, only 11 more days until submissions close for EclipseCon. Get them in early and get them in often. And soon!