Well, the closing session is about to start and the vendors are packing up their displays. Another successful Eclipse Summit Europe is about to go off into the sunset. For me, it was proof again why I love coming to this show. The CDT community in Europe is strong and a lot of them are doing and want to do interesting things with the CDT.

The talk I gave was on the code analysis capabilities of the CDT introducing the things you can do with the CDT’s parsers and indexing framework. I also introduced the new refactoring engine that we have which really opens up a lot of cool automations you can do to analyze and refactor your code. The best part is that I had a few guys come up to me after to ask about certain analysis things they wanted to do. I’m glad I gave that talk and I hope more people take a look at what the CDT has to offer in this area.

I also had a number of people ask about the CDT managed build system. This is an area in a bit of trouble right now with the CDT. One of the key developers has left and we’re struggling understanding the code that he left behind. Hopefully these vendors who have concerns about the build system will join us and get us rolling again. The CDT build model can do some pretty cool things and I look forward to seeing the different build integrations people are thinking of working.

I had a discussion with someone interested in working on the Windows debug integration I have on my wish list. I’ve given it a couple of tries and there is a start of one in the Target Communication Framework (TCF) agent. Hopefully we can finally get this together and have full support for the Visual C++ compiler with the CDT.

Speaking of TCF, there was a lot of interest in it from various embedded system vendors. It’s a really good technology for building target agents with a clean communication protocol back to Eclipse and a services oriented architecture. I’ve been interested in component models for C/C++ applications and I can see how this agent could use something like that. I’ll have to give it some thought and see if others are interested in getting involved in that.

It’s been a fun and interesting week. Hopefully I talked to everyone who wanted to talk CDT with me. And hopefully we can get some momentum off of that to continue the growth of the CDT community. Those late nights in the hotel bar with the Eclipse gang was part of that community building and I’m going to sleep well on the flight home but it was worth it.