I’ve been here at EclipseCon for 48 hours and it’s been great already. I’ve met a lot of people here, like I always do, and it’s a good sign that vendors still see Eclipse as important, enough to spend the money in these tough times to send their technical experts.

EclipseCon is an important conference, especially for those who are looking to get started with Eclipse and to grow their expertise. There’s probably not enough time to learn it all, but at least you know where to go look when you get home.

It’s also important for projects to get the word out about the great work their doing and to grow their community. I was pretty disappointed about the number of submissions I had for the C/C++ category. But we’re making due. And it’s good to see the number of DSDP contributors here giving talks so we’re still showing the world that Eclipse is more than just a Java IDE.

Other things to report:
– work on ObjectiveC is starting and the guys managed to get a prototype running based on CDT late last night.
– the Ada project is looking to reboot.
– e4 talks are the hottest ticket in town
– adding git continues to be controversial and we really need to get a bigger ground swell of contributors who care about making this happen

Anyway, beer time. More later.