I haven’t written anything here in the last few days and was starting to get the urge to write something, anything. I feel compelled to say something about Bjorn’s impending departure from the Eclipse Foundation. But I’m not sure I have much to say. As I mentioned in a previous post, he wears his emotions on his sleeve at times so I wasn’t particularly surprised. But I too have a sense of change at Eclipse having been involved for almost seven years now.

Maybe it’s because I’m very part time on the CDT in my current job and miss working daily in the open. But I look around the CDT project and see the same is true for many of us. And yeah, the CDT has a lot of functionality today already and we’re pretty much in maintenance mode. But there are some cool things we’ve started talking about, like introducing static code analysis capabilities, and the build system is in much need of a redo. I think there’s enough there to generate excitement, I just wish I had more time to promote that. But we’ll see what I can do anyway.

And that’s the theme of this post. For most of us working on Eclipse, it is very much like a drug. I’m hooked on it. We see a lot of people leaving companies only to find them pop up at another company that also works on Eclipse. We’ve even seen high profile Eclipse people leave the safety of their mothership to strike out on their own as Eclipse consultants to continue to help feed the Eclipse ecosystem. Once you’ve been there, you understand why. There are so many good people and so many high profile companies involved at Eclipse, it’s certainly a high to be working at it.

So I don’t worry about Bjorn leaving. I know he’s hooked too and won’t go far ;).

BTW, just ran across a blog entry describing how to use the CDT for Linux programming with OpenGL, something I’ve started to focus on in my hobby time. The instructions are a bit out dated, and I should do some real webinar tutorials on how to do things like this. But I’m fixated on the blog because it has a music player embedded into it and is playing some of my favorite metal bands :). Cool blog marketing trick. BTW, blogging is a drug too 😉