CDT 6.0 is out. Come and get it!

As I posted on the cdt-dev list the other day to the CDT developers, “CDT 6 has reached all expectations I’ve ever had for the CDT and for that I’m proud of you all.” And I mean that. The biggest new feature for me is CDT 6’s new ability to find header files pretty much anywhere in your workspace. With that, the CDT search and code navigation features work almost all the time, even on code that you simply import even without makefiles. I’ve been using it a lot on projects like that and I continue to be amazed and proud of how well it works. It’s been a great group of people who’ve worked on indexing over the years and after 6+ years, I can finally call it a success!

There are a few other new features that are also very handy in CDT 6. The New and Noteworthy is on our wiki at: Feel free to take a look and try them out. The quality of CDT 6 is also very good. As the pace of new feature development for CDT has slowed over the last couple of years, we’ve gained in robustness so I’m proud of that as well. As I did with CDT 5.0, I can recommend using the 6.0.0 release in production, something that I wouldn’t have in releases before that.

As I look over the last year or so and look to the future, I see my involvement in the CDT has taken a real hit. I do not see myself working on any big features for the CDT in the forseeable future, as I haven’t really in quite a while either. That’s just the reality of where I am right now and I’m OK with that. The CDT is in fine shape. Yes, there are some areas that people want to fix up, scanner discovery being at the top of that list, and I will help guide them as they need my help. But I’m going to transition my role into a CDT user who wants to contribute to make the workflows I use better. And hopefully, others will find that useful as well.

It’s been a great ride with the CDT and I’m not ready to jump off yet. But there are other interesting rides that could use my attention, Android development being my personal interest area. And if you can’t tell from my recent blog posts and tweets, I’ve been totally re-energized by what’s happening in the mobile space. And, trust me, that’s a good thing.