Just a quick one. There were a lot of rumours about Android running on laptops, with Acer especially. Now they’re wondering if Chrome OS wills squash those plans. People, Android was never meant to run on netbooks. You are worrying about something that was never going to happen in the first place.

If you ever watch the Android UI presentations at Google IO, they pretty much confirm that. At one point one of the designers commented that Android developers need to deal with screens with more pixels, but to deal with that by checking density, not physical screen size.

All Android apps are being built assuming a 4″ screen. It would suck if you try to stretch an android list widget to a 10″ netbook screen. Big screens isn’t what Android is about.

Update: I just read that Schmidt and friends just mentioned the two projects working closer together in the future. Chrome on Androids Linux/BSD OS but without the Java based UI and the Dalvik VM that drives it makes sense to me.