After asking around twitter, I had a number of people recommend TechSmith’s Jing for doing screencasts. These are the same guys that do the masterful Camtasia which is a more full featured, i.e. expensive, solution. Jing does a good job at capturing my screen and audio. It’s limited to 5 minute videos, but give that my main purpose is to share quick ideas with my blog readers, I think that’s fine.

So here’s my first screencast test. I’m showing the current state of my “Eclipse OS”, i.e. Fedora minimal install + X + Chrome Browser + OpenJDK + a standalone Equinox app server. There’s not much new here. But I’m really just learning how to use this media. One thing I learned as you’ll hear half way through, is that my laptop fan kicks in. Drives me nuts, but anyway. Expect a lot more of these in the upcoming weeks. And hopefully, I’ll improve the quality as I go to (like talking louder :).

Update: uploaded to Youtube which gives a much better viewing experience, especially in fullscreen mode.

Update 2: Planet Eclipse seems to filter out the embed object. Click on the title to come to blogger to see the real thing.