I’ve been tweeting a lot, but tweets tend to be temporal things that disappear after a short time, so I figured I should blog some of those things. Assuming anyone really cares, but that’s part of the mystique and something I call the “cricket factor”, when you tweet or blog, and no one’s listening, and all you hear back are crickets in the night. But anyway, here’s what I’m up to lately.

I made quite a splash recently stating my frank opinion on e4. I had lots of good feedback on that and I pissed off a few people. But I met my objective of making people think about it. To summarize, I worry about the stability of the platform and how e4 will impact the hugely understaffed projects up the stack. And I don’t like RAP. If you’re running web apps, follow the investment in JavaScript engines and put your UI code in the browser. Which also means I don’t care much about the e4 UI work either. But as one e4 committer mentioned to me, “it’s fun”. I’m sure it is.

As cool and interesting my investigation into GWT has been, I barely get a day a week to do open source work and I still have a couple of things I want to do with the CDT, i.e., help clean up the build system, and support JNI debugging. And I want to spend my hobby time on other things. So enough of that. A lot of people get GWT and how it works well with Equinox, so it’ll live on without me.

As for my hobby time, I am getting more and more pumped by what’s happening in the Android space. So I’m turning back to that and hope to feed my curiosity on game development by making games for Android. Not sure I’ll ever get far enough along to get something on the Android Market, but it’ll make a good winter activity. And who knows, maybe we’ll see Android running natively on Intel chips some day.

So that’s where I am. I have way more ideas than time to work on them having a family and all. But I’ll continue to blog and tweet things as they come to me, at least as they relate to open source, and maybe that will help others, or maybe it’ll just feed the crickets.