Wow. Unreal Development Kit. Free. Or at least free for free content. I’ve always wondered how developers create content for the big game engines, id and Unreal. And now I know and I have it installed on my laptop. For free. Can you tell I’m beside myself here. Check it out:

At any rate, Epic has released their development kit for free. It’s a great gesture and a great way to get hobbyists and students and even small start-up shops using their engine. It seems to be complete, including their famous editor, amongst a plethora of other tools that help you create full games that you can distribute (for free, of course, otherwise you’ll need to pay for a license as you should).

Looking back at the archives, my second blog entry after saying “Hi”, was on digital content creation tools for Eclipse. I conjectured that having such tools would be very cool. And I think it still would be.

And playing with the UDK, I don’t see any technical reason why such tools couldn’t be created using Eclipse technologies. With integrations with the various programming language and domain modeling frameworks and tools, and being able to run on Windows, Linux, and Mac, and target those and game consoles and mobile devices, what a great game development environment that would be.

That was my dream for Eclipse back in 2005, and it’s still a dream I have for it today. All it takes is a community of like minded dreamers to make it happen. Oh, and some money to pay for the dreamers. Thus the dream…