Well, it’s coming quickly. EclipseCon for me starts with my 6 a.m. flight on Sunday in order to get to the Hyatt in time for Eclipse council meetings. EclipseCon is always a very busy week for me as there are always a few people that I want to run into and chat about CDT things. I made a conscious effort not to submit many talks this year to give me time to breath and to give others in the CDT community their time in the spotlight. It’s going to be great.

The talks I am involved in are my own lightening talk on Wascana, my CDT for Windows effort that combines my work on CDT and my work with p2 to give Windows users a quick start using CDT for Windows programming. I’ll be helping a few others including Ken Ryall on the CDT what’s up standard talk, and Andrew Overholt with the Linux IDE long talk. And I’m involved in a couple of panels. Then we have the various BOFs that take place in the evenings including the CDT and Linux IDE BOFs. My calendar is almost full but there’s enough space to meet the community and help prepare for all this.

Aside from the CDT things that I’m of course interested in, I have a couple of other things I’m looking out for. I’m curious to meet other people using p2 for their commercial install technology as we are doing at Wind River. It would be cool if we can standardize on some touchpoint actions and UI and such to share some of the work. I’ll also be attending the git tutorial as I’d like to see the CDT being one of the early adoptors of git as our read/write repo, once it’s ready, of course.

I’ll also be getting more involved in the Target Communication Framework effort that Wind River has started and that is starting to get community interest. We’d love to work with the community to put together a standard communication framework that allows multiple tools to interact with targets of varying sizes and shapes. Martin O from Wind is giving a talk on that and we’ll be holding a meeting somewhere along the way to plan out the next steps.

And, of course, there’s the bar, the social focal point of every EclipseCon we’ve had, except maybe the DisneyLand one. We were so new then :). This is where the community cuts down the walls between the projects and we become the one bigger Eclipse community. It’s quite a site to see the CDT guy talking to the XML Tools guy wondering what the Xtext guys are up to :). It’s a blast. And I hope to see you there. And if you see me first, please stop me and say hi. That’s what I’m there for.