Everyone sounds excited about the upcoming EclipseCon Europe 2011. Having been to a few of them, I can confidently say you guys are going to have an awesome time. EclipseCon, whether it’s in North America or Europe, is always a great event. It’s great because of the people. Because of the community and comradery that we all share whether we’re in the sessions, in the halls, or in the bar :). It’s a great opportunity to show off what we’ve been working on, to help those who want to learn more, and to help grow the community.

So while you’re packing for EclipseCon Europe, I’d love it if you gave some thought towards EclipseCon North America 2012 next March in a cool new location. The submission deadline is a fast approaching November 11. The success of each EclipseCon leans so heavily on the quality of program. And with such talented people in our community, I know we can put a super program together. But we need your help.

Please think of a great talk or tutorial topic and head over to the submission system and put it in. The earlier you get it in, the more time the Program Committee can spend with it and offer advice to fine tune it for our audience and make sure it’s the best it can be. Take your opportunity to help make EclipseCon North America 2012 the best it can be too.


Honoured to be your EclipseCon 2012 Program Chair.