As I was putting together my slides for EclipseCon, I occasionally like to bring up the forum post from John Duimovich, the Tools PMC lead, that announced the changes QNX was bringing to the CDT project, the birth of the new CDT project.

CDT started out as this remote development thing built by the mainframe tools team at IBM, with the remote parts of that evolving into RSE. With the reboot of the project, QNX brought what we have today, essentially a JDT look alike that added C/C++-things like calling ‘make’ to do builds and a gdb integration called CDI.

Below is link and excerpt of that post. What hit me now was that happened in the summer of 2002. That makes CDT officially 15 years old! Happy Anniversary CDT!

Huge thanks to everyone who has helped us over those years grow this thing into the best industry leading community built C/C++ IDE we all know and love.

I have to give a special thanks to the original team that started it here at QNX, some are still at the company, some moved on, and to Sebastien Marineau who was our first project lead and a great community builder who I still struggle to live up to 😊.

And a huge thanks to everyone who is helping today and are thinking of coming on board to help us take CDT into the next 15 years. It doesn’t happen without you!

From: “John Duimovich” Newsgroups: Subject: [ANN] - CDT project changes Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2002 17:20:34 -040

The Eclipse Tools PMC is pleased to announce some exciting developments to the CDT project hosted on First, QNX will be contributing some C/C++ core technology from their recently announced product to We believe that this will enhance the value of the technology hosted on and bring some industrial strength technology into the CDT project.

In addition, the Eclipse Tools PMC has been working on getting additional cross-company project participation on the C/C++ project ( There has been lot of interest from many of the eclipse member companies and the community at large on this project and we’ve been working with many of them in helping them get involved with the C/C++ project at

As part of this additional participation we’re excited to be able to announce that there is a new project leader, Sebastien Marineau from QNX who has agreed to lead the C/C++ IDE (CDT) project on In his role as project leader, there will be a re-plan of the V2.0 CDT deliverables to include the new technology.