Hi there, I’m Doug Schaefer. This is a pretty old picture but other than a bit less hair that’s turning a little grey, I look like this.

I am a long time tools developer and spend almost 20 years working on open souce with the Eclipse CDT project. In 2019, I moved on to work on closed source tools on a very cool project with former colleagues I admire. So I can’t talk about any of that here.

But I am working on a legacy hobby project I’d like to share with others. There’s an exciting new world rising around hobbyist FPGA boards that I’ve decided to dive into. I’ve purchased a ULX3S board and am writing about what I learn about it’s various features. There’s not a lot out there to help me, but hopefully I can share what I learn forward with this board and other boards I run accross in the future.

Since this has nothing to do with what I do in my day job, my opinions here are my own.