Well, I just got my “EclipseCon” haircut and I’m starting my final preparations for next week’s EclipseCon. If you’ve never been to one, these things are more than just a conference where people go to hook up with the Eclipse crowd, it’s a celebration of everything we work hard for over the year. It’s a lot of work to prepare for but it’s always a week to remember.

This year, with the help of the growth of the CDT community, we’ve managed to get a higher profile in the program with a C/C++ Development track. Here’s what you can expect to see next week.

Short Tutorial, Extending CDT To Support Your Compiler (Chris Recoskie, IBM). Learn how to make your own Managed Build integration.

Short Talk, CDT 4.0: easy to use and integrate (Mikhail Voronin, Intel). Get up to date on the new project model changes coming in CDT 4.0.

Demo, What’s New in CDT 4.0 (Doug Schaefer, QNX and Markus Schorn, Wind River). Demo of all the cool new features that are coming in CDT 4.0, or at least the ones we have working right now.

Short Talk, Intelligent Command Line Processing for the CDT, (Chris Mead, ARM). Shows an integration with the Apache CLI library for adding cool tool integration features.

Long Talk, Assembling your open C and C++ workbench (Phillipe Ombredanne and Francois Grenade, nexb/EasyEclipse). A great look at how to leverage a number of open source components to create a complete C/C++ IDE.

Long Talk, C/C++ Source Code Introspection using the CDT (Chris Recoskie and Beth Tibbits, IBM). Show how you too can take advantage of the CDT’s parser and code models to do some cool analysis of your code.

Short Talk, Multi-platform development with the CDT (Graeme Johnson and Gabriel Castro, IBM). Show how they use the CDT to build IBM’s J9 for over 50 different configurations.

BOF, CDT Project Meeting (everyone!). We’ll have our regular monthly meeting during BOF time. Everyone is invited to see what’s going on in the CDT project and to provide input for any issues we need to discuss.

Short Talk, Autotools Demo (Jeff Johnston, Red Hat). Shows the autotools integration with the CDT.

Poster (up all week – Poster Reception Wednesday evening)
Extending CDT Debugger to Support Device Software Development (Mikhail Khodjaiants, ARM). Shows how ARM extends the CDT to support their gnu toolchain, gdb, and JTAG.