Tuesday is the first day of school here in Ottawa. Other places have already started but it does make more sense to start right after the labour day weekend instead of a day or two before it.

This has co-incided with a marked increase in the downloads of my previous CDT for Windows release (now numbering over 800). So it hit me that if I want students to use the new rebranded version of Wascana I’d better get it out now. And interestingly enough one of the people on the forums is an instructor who has chosen to use Wascana over VS Express (thanks!).

So I took a couple of hours out of my weekend and put together Wascana, MinGW Edition 0.9.3. You can download it from the Wascana web site. It includes the 3.4.5 MinGW gcc and all the current MinGW and MSYS packages. It includes the SDL and now the wxWidget libraries so you can build multi-platform applications. Stay tuned for tutorials on using these libraries with Wascana, and hopefully some project templates that set things up for you.