There’s been a lot of bashing of p2 lately by blogs on Planet Eclipse. They seem to revolve around the lack of support for extension locations. I’ve never used extension locations, and I hate the fact that for whatever reason you would need to manage installs yourself by hacking around the file system.

p2, IMHO, is awesome. It manages installs as good as any install management system I’ve seen. It tracks versions, it manages dependencies with capabilities which is absolutely the right way to do it. It allows you to install things other than eclipse plug-ins thanks to the extensibility provides by touch points and repositories. When we’re done you’ll be able to everything your favorite install manager can do and more. From where I sit p2 will change the install industry.

So yeah, extension locations aren’t supported any more. And I’m probably not the best person to speak on whether losing them matters. But someone needs to stand up for p2 because it is much needed. And I’m sure you can live without extension locations. I think the worse mistake was providing them to begin with.