There’s been a couple of times now that presentations I’ve made have been recorded for posterity. I don’t usually listen to them, mainly because I’m worried it really sucked and I felt embarrassed. But the main stage presentation I gave at EclipseCon was different on many levels. And having just finished listening to it, I’m glad it’s been captured. It’s available at Eclipse Live here:

The title of the presentation is “The Rise and Fall and Rise of the CDT: Lessons on Building Communities”. It is a very personal look at the history of the CDT and the lessons I learned about building communities through the roller-coaster ride I’ve been on for the last 7 years working on the CDT.

This little presentation is my proudest moment of my career. I put a lot on the line with it and you can tell at the beginning I was a bit nervous about that. But listening to it today, I am very happy with how it went.

If you are curious about my philosophies on working in open source communities, or just curious why I’m such a crazy man, here’s an open window into my soul. And there is some humour to keep things from getting too serious.